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Bathroom Design and Planning Advice – The Bathroom Magazine

Design & Planning

bathroom design & planning tipsUse our bathroom design and planning advice to help you get your project right. Whether you are looking to do a simple makeover or a complete overhaul its all about choosing the right bathroom fixtures and planning your project to ensure its success.

Until recently, bathrooms were quite often neglected with more attention paid to social spaces such as the kitchen or living rooms in house design. But no longer is the bathroom destined to be just a damp, cold and badly decorated room.

Now you can prepare yourself for the day ahead or relieve the stresses of yet another hard day in your new warm and luxurious haven that is your new perfectly designed bathroom.

Where do i start?

Research – take a look around local specialist bathroom shops and DIY stores, look online, its a great resource right at your fingertips (you can do a great deal of research in the comfort of your armchair). Try to get a real feel for designs and styles that you really like. Don’t forget things like tiles, paint colours, lighting and storage.

Budget – You must set a budget for your project and always allow a contingency sum for unexpected works. Once you have your design ideas in place consult a bathroom fitter for an estimate to complete your project.

Always get at least 3 quotes, take up references and remember it is not just about price, whoever you choose to fit your bathroom will probably be working in your home for a few weeks so, it is very important that you feel comfortable with your chosen tradesman.

It’s all in the planning

Careful planning is the key to any successful bathroom design project. Think about your current layout and what’s wrong with it and how your new bathroom is to be used;

  • What do you need from this room? Consider how often the bath and shower would be used. How much storage is needed. Does the space accommodate the priorities of all its users?
  • How many bathrooms do we have? Is this going to be our main family bathroom? Have we thought about safety for our children.
  • Does our system have enough hot water? Do we need to add a pump to our system for that luxury “hotel” style shower he have found?

Play around with some layout ideas, you could use a simple pen and paper approach and draw your bathroom out to scale. Remember to take careful measurements taking into account exact positions of windows (take note of height of window from the floor) and doors.

Note the position of waste pipes, in particular the big soil waste pipe from your toilet (usually running down the outside of your house) as this is quite often the most difficult and expensive to move.

5 Simple steps to measuring and planning your bathroom

  1. Measure in a clockwise direction, carefully noting points of fixed items such as door (note which way it opens), window, sill height, plumbing supplies, power points, air vents and radiators.
  2. Measure your floor to ceiling height and make a note of what the walls are made of as you go.
  3. Always double check your measurements, if you are unsure measure again.
  4. Start your layout with positioning your bath, if you are having a separate shower include this next. usually this will fit in a corner.
  5. Position your basin and try if possible to allow 70cm in front of it to give enough space to bend down. You should allow 20cm (if space allows) either side of your toilet and again 70cm in front.

There are some good FREE online bathroom planners you can use:

The bathroom design guide offers a very basic online bathroom planner. This is very simple to use and delivers a very basic plan.

B&Q offer an excellent 3D bathroom planner, you have to register to use it, but this only takes a minute and its very worthwhile. You can plan and design your new bathroom with 3D colour views, detailed plans and even include a shopping list that you can buy online.

Note: The Cooke and Lewis suites from B&Q are well worth a look.

Choose a bathroom design

Now you have done your research, you need to choose a design scheme for your bathroom. Do you want a contemporary design, traditional theme. A fun, family bathroom or the ultimate minimalist bathroom with all the latest designer touches.

For more ideas take a look at our Bathroom Design Ideas below:

Contemporary Bathroom Design IdeasContemporary Bathroom Design Ideas
Do you dream of a luxury, contemporary bathroom design with a glorious centrepiece bath and gleaming taps. But not sure how to achieve it, don’t despair. With just a little careful planning and knowing where to buy you can have the bathroom you always wanted….Find out more


We have plenty more design ideas coming soon… Subscribe to our Enews and Updates and be sure not miss out.

Thank You and good luck with your project

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